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Kumamon Yoshimatsu Fishing Guide Service

Nice to fish, but nicer to enjoy fishing!

Guiding/Teaching fishing at Lake Inawashiro and Lake Hibara at Fukushima Pref.  Surrounded by nature, you can enjoy fishing in a lake with clear water quality all day long.
Let's enjoy bass fishing together!


Guide Profile

Keiji Yoshimatsu

Born in Kuma-gun, Kumamoto

After spending days immersing himself in bass fishing and canoeing since childhood, he has participated in the Japan Championships, and the World Championships as a representative of Japan in Canoe Spring Kayak.

In fishing, he studied under a professional guide at many lakes such as Lake Inawashiro, Lake Biwa, Lake Hibara, Lake Nojiri, and Lake Kawaguchi, and has started his own activities as a professional bass fishing guide in 2021.

Our Bass Boat

Caymas CX20

Engine:Mercury Pro XS 250

Trolling Motor:Minn Kota Ultrex

​Fish Finder:Hummingbird Helix10 360 Imaging 

Garmin Livescope



Important: Please read before booking!!

Below is a short list of fishing FAQs(disclamers) about Kumamon Yoshimatsu guide service. 

These disclaimers are deemed to have been accepted by the customer upon confirmation of the reservation.

Please let us know if you have specific questions about the trip, area or anything else when you contact us from "Contact for support " form down below the page. 

Is the time schedule fixed?

We are flexible with the time schedule: for full-day plan, operating hours are 7am-5pm so within the hours, you can start late or finish earlier. the same for half-day plan.  However, no refunds/discounts are offered.

We have no cars/no transportation from station to the lake. Any pick-up services?

Yes, we can pick you up at the nearst station. Please feel free to ask, when you make a reservation.

What do I need to bring?

We recommend bringing a hat, polarized sunglasses, sunscreen and rain gear if rain is in the forecast. Dress for the weather and put on a little extra in the cooler months. Bring anything you would like to eat or drink during the trip. Coolers are welcome on the boat. The bass boat has a built in cooler and we will store your food and drinks there. You are welcome to bring your personal rods, reels and any tackle that you would like also.  but we can rent the rods/reels/lures out for free if you do not have.

Can our kids also ride on the boat? if so, any discounts?

1 kid who is younger than 12 years are free on board. 2 kids who both are younger than 12 years are applied to 1 adult fee.  Anybody who is older than 12 years apply to Adult fee.

When the weather condition is bad, what will happen?

If we can make a decision to cancel the trip before the departure, we will refund 100% of the fee. If weather changes during the boarding, we may change the course or shorten the trip. In this case, please note we will not refund/discount.

Any cancellation policies?

Yes.  1 week before the trip - 30%, the day before - 50%,  on the day - 100% cancellation fee is applied.

Any guarantee on theft and damage?

We are not responsible for any troubles in the marina (tackle theft, car accident, damage, etc.). In particular, do not leave valuables in the car and always carry them with you. We cannot guarantee damage to the tackle during the guide. In the unlikely event that the guide boat and the equipment and fixtures inside and outside the ship are damaged by the customer's carelessness, we may charge a repair fee.

Do you have insurance in case of an accident?

This fishing guide service is covered by yacht / motorboat insurance in case of an accident. Compensation is limited to the coverage of the insurance coverage (10 million yen per person with death or injury). This fishing guide service does not take any responsibility for accidents, theft, submersion, property failure, loss, injury, etc. due to the customer's carelessness. Please bring your health insurance card in case of injury due to your own carelessness.

Our Guide Plan

Full-day plan or Half-day plan

For all plans:

Fee excluded car park charge, fishing ticket and lunch

Please bring your own drinks/food.

Life vests/Fishing rod/lure can be rented for free (you can bring yours)

Fishing Rod

Lake Hibara Full-day plan

35,000 yen p.p

  • From 7am to 5pm

  • ​up to 3 persons can be boarded

             38,000 yen a group of 2

             40,000 yen a group of 3

Lake Hibara Half-day plan

25,000 yen p.p

  • From 7am to 12pm

  • ​up to 3 persons can be boarded

             28,000 yen a group of 2

             30,000 yen a group of 3

Fish on Hooks

Lake Inawashiro Full-day plan

39,000 yen p.p.

  • From 7am to 5pm

  • ​up to 3 persons can be boarded

             45,000 yen a group of 2

             49,000 yen a group of 3

Lake Inawashiro Half-day plan

29,000 yen p.p.

  • From 7am to 12pm

  • ​up to 3 persons can be boarded

             35,000 yen a group of 2

             39,000 yen a group of 3

Fishing Rods
Fishing Rod

Contact for support

Any questions or inquiries, please fill in the form below.

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